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Ohhhhh shiiiiitt! Yo punk ass has just come to the hardest, phattest, and tightest musician da world has eva seen. Catherine in the 2G+1.
I aint like yo bakdoorboyz, yo nsucks, or yo britney smears.
and if yo think i iz like yo puff mommy, yo snoop pupp, or yo DumMX you iz crazy wrong.

Cath is takin the mashcore scene to a whole new level.
only rollin' in the phattest damn cars there iz on dubs, cuttin tracks that smash the charts and shit,
and makin sure i have enough ice to make ya go blind.

If you came to my phat site to playa hate, then get the hell out. I aint needin ya, sucka!

Rest in peace, Icy Hot Stuntaz.

(i dont actually use Debian, i couldnt find a Linux Mint button so i figured a Debian one would be the next best thing LMFAO)