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Also, I'm not gonna be writing about every single album I've made, that would take days. Instead, I'm writing about my personal favorites.

Also2, just for context, I make albums under a bunch of different names, all sorted by genre.

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Aquarium is my first FULL dive into old-school sounding hip-hop. Inspired by people like Zmatic and Mom$, I'm a lot happier with this album than I thought I was going to be. (also speaking of Mom$, please listen to their album "Stills" its so fucking good.) I was going through a lot of stress while making it, and every song is almost an accidental snapshot of the day I made it on. Also Dropping Out Of School is like, a very unexpected banger LOL I'm really happy with that song.

Wire Crawler

LUNAR MORTEM kinda happened by mistake. The first few songs I made for it (BETTER OFF DEAD and STARTED OUT WONKY) were originally just going to be singles, until I decided I wanted to make an entire album like it. For a super quiet release (I just dropped the album out of literally nowhere one day), I really enjoyed making it. Fun fact: LOVE SONG is a real actual literal love song.


HYPER WAV MACHINE!! is probably one of the most "feel good" albums I've ever made. Most of this album was originally made to be released anonymously on a new Bandcamp page under the name "Carbonate". I decided against releasing it that way because I ended up actually really liking the album LOL. I originally wanted the album to have meme-ier songs on it, like a 1000 Gecs remix, Angel Of Darkness remix, or a collection of DDR song remixes, but I just ended up not making them lol. I also released it on Astrohamster Hardcore as my second solo album release on there (the first being MEGAKILL DEATHSTRIKE SIX SIXTY K)!

Lena + Abby

Originally going to be only by Lena, and called "BRB" - Expression ended up being a lot more hip-hop influenced than I expected. This album was originally about a one week period where I was constantly questioning myself, and what I believed in, but it ended up being a lot more about the general mood of trying to recollect yourself and your life. Honestly this album is just about as confused as I am.

Rubygenesis Sophie
Legacy Dream Explorer

Legacy Dream Explorer is an album about my dreams. The album cover is based on a place I saw in a dream, too! It's my first release under the name Rubygenesis Sophie, and I think it's worth a listen. If my Diyu and Scolpulac stuff is just a little too much, this might be what you're looking for.


TRASHTRAX is... weird. I kinda "marketed" it as a "noisy gabber" album, but it's kinda more than that. It's hardcore, yet kinda soothing at the same time. It has heavy ass drums, mixed with really pretty chords, arps, and melodies. It has really nasty synths, unnerving sounding pianos, and loud ass cinematic hits. It has classic digital hardcore stabs, 1-shot memes, and eastern-inspired samples. It really is a mixed bag of weird, and I couldn't be happier with it being my first release under Scolpulac.


MEGAKILL DEATHSTRIKE SIX SIXTY K is my first happy album. Well, not really, but it was my first album that I made while not being insanely depressed. I have made other happy albums before, but nothing has been filled with so many good feeling vibes and sounds quite like this. For music under my alias Diyu, it's easily my favorite. I hope you guys can get as much enjoyment from it as I can.


LOST LIVES EXPLORATION is an album about a team of explorers going out to space and recording what they find. It tells the story of the team having to leave their homes and families, adventuring out into the unknown, having their ship crash, and having to go back to Earth to report their findings and to get their ship repaired. Will the Lost Lives Exploration team go back out into space again to report more? Who knows?! I don't!

Limitless Nightfall

Limitless Nightfall feels like it doesn't exist. I made the album to try to recreate my weird childhood memories of random hallucinations, uncanny valley style music, and Flash games, all wrapped up in a trip-hop style album. Since I released it, I've always kinda wanted to make a sequel, but I honestly don't think I ever will. It'd be way too hard to try to capture that weird trippy style again.

Make My Planet

Make My Planet is an album about day-to-day life. The album starts with you waking up, having to do your morning routine, and having to do daily mundane tasks. Your complete your tasks and feel great for a moment, just for depression to slap you in the face and fill you with that familiar bitter, tired, sad feeling. You waste the rest of the day doing nothing but sitting in bed and crying off-and-on. The last 3 songs are about falling asleep. Also, fun fact: every song transitions with ocean sounds. The ocean sounds of the last song and the first song line up perfectly, so the album can loop like day-to-day life.


V OST is the soundtrack to a game that was never finished, V. I don't really have much to say about this album because it's just "video game music," but I am pretty proud of what it is. I'm really happy with the mix of eerie, yet dancey hip-hop.

Diyu + Lena
Audio Virus

Audio Virus is cool! I don't really know what to say about it besides that. As of March 18, 2019, I'm currently working on remastering and extending the album to get it up to snuff with my current music.

Wire Crawler
synth exposure

Synth Exposure was my first dive into "get my keyboard and just record whatever I do and make a song out of it" music. Every track started out as just me messing around with some synths and seeing what would happen. Fun fact: the song Name Amnesia is called Name Amnesia because the main melody reminded me of another song I couldn't remember the name of. I still don't know what song it was.


FOREVER FOMO is another weird album I don't have much to say about. The album started out as like an audio representation of FOMO, but it just kinda got out of control and turned into what it is today.

Diyu + Lena

Spiritualisation is cool as hell. It was made to be like a story in 1 song. I don't remember what the story was (lol) but I still think it's really cool. It's kinda eastern-y, kinda hardcore-y, kinda dance-y. It's really cool to just sit down and listen to.


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