I'm Mew, some people call me Catherine, other people call me Stupid
she/they bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm a White's Tree Frog! What kind of Frog are you?

Besides a White's Tree Frog, I'm also a musician and game developer from Michigan, both as a hobby.
Not being from Michigan though, that's not a hobby, I just live here.

I've been making music since 2015, and games since 2014.


Although I don't have many games under my belt, and the games I DO have under my belt are old and... not great, to say the least, I'm always trying my hardest to learn new things, and I'm always making a lot of crap behind the scenes.
I originally started out making games in Gamemaker Studio 1, using GML, but nowadays I'm pretty comfy using Love2d with Lua.
I don't have much else to say about my games. Most of my work goes unfinished and unreleased. And, to be completely real, a lot of the things I make just aren't particularly amazing or noteworthy.
Who knows, though. Maybe one day I'll make a page for some of my unfinished games. There's still a lot of time and effort put into that stuff, just for them to go un-used lol.

What I HAVE made a lot of, however, is MUSIC. So much, in fact, that my Bandcamp page isn't even half of it.
Most of my discog was made in Acid Pro 7, but nowadays, I use a mix of Acid Pro 10, Reaper, and Renoise. It's complicated LOL
My music is really a mixed bag, both in style, and quality LOL. I make a fuckton of genres, from Mashups, to Drum & Bass, to Techno, to Hip-Hop, to Chiptune, to shit I don't even KNOW what genre it is. It really feels like I've made a slice of everything.
I'm inspired by FAR too many people to list here, so maybe one day I'll make a page just for cool musicians for you to check out :)
Also, while I'm on the topic of music and cool people, check out Astrohamster Hardcore and Euphonium Records!!!! I'm in both of them, and they fucking rock!!!!!

Other than that, I don't really do much. I'm a big rhythm game nerd, I'm a big dumb datahoarder,
I also have a newfound love for Linux, as of ~mid 2021.

I'm shrimply doing my own thing bitvhg.

thats right baby... i was the fastest..

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Song: Tom & Jerry - Maximum Style