Hi!!! This is where I post sample packs I created!

There's only 1 right now, but I'll probably make more in the future

Rights and shit: feel free to use this for literally anything, i dont care. you dont need to give me royalties or credit or anything, but if you feel like being generous, its extremely appreciated

also please dont resell these i beg of you!!!!! i mean, i wouldnt really stop you if you REALLY wanted to, but i WOULD call you a MASSIVE fuckin DICKHEAD!!!!

if you make anything cool with my samples, feel free to show it off! shoot me a DM on Twitter or Bandcamp, id LOVE to hear what you made!!

also while you're here, check out my stems for already completed songs

(Click the image or here to download it)

CATHPACK - 2016-2020 is exactly what it sounds like, a collection of sounds I made from 2016 to 2020.

It has like 120 samples or something ranging from drums, to synths, to Synth1 patches and stuff idk

Released on Aug 17, 2020

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Song: Abby - Resources