On February 7th, 2020, from 3AM, to 9PM, I archived every single cursor from CursorMania.
With well over 10,000 individual files (yes, seriously), I really do mean EVERY single cursor.

Every file is clean, and I did all the work on a virtual machine.
For everybody that has nostalgia for this stuff, this is for you. I personally wanted a CursorMania archive for YEAAARRRS, I can only imagine how many other people did as well.

Don't like archive.org? (why???) Here's a link to download it on mega.nz!

Oh, and hey, if you found this page just on Google while looking for Cursormania stuff, give me a holler on Twitter @rgbmew.
I'm a person too, and I'm curious how many people are actually still interested in Cursormania.

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