There's something I find particularly gorgeous about old, shitty, RF CRTs. It's hard to explain exactly how I feel about them.
I'm sure that a lot of us didn't grow up with RF-only inputs, so it's not any more nostalgic than just a normal AV CRT.
But, in a way, RF CRTs kind of feel like how our minds eye remembers CRTs from our 2020+ point of view.
I like to classify things like that as "pessimistic nostalgia."
It's not how it REALLY happened, we're not experiencing REAL nostalgia, it's like the nostalgia version of déjà vu.

ANYWAY that's enough spiritual bullshit. Here's a bunch of pictures I took of my RF CRT because I find them very pretty!
And please excuse my shitty camerawork. I'm a nerd, not a photographer :)

I resize all the images on this page, just to make it easier to view, and faster to load.
But it makes the images look like shit, so click on an image to view it fullsize

Dreamcast menu screen (Hardware) & Open PS2 Loader (Hardware)

The Dreamcast audio player menu (Hardware) playing Daily Effort - Being on CD

CRT static

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 for Dreamcast (Hardware)

Dead or Alive 2 for Dreamcast (Hardware)

Super Mario Bros. for NES (Hardware)

Dr. Mario for NES (Hardware)

Bomberman Hero for Nintendo 64 (Wii Virtual Console)

Bomberman '94 for TurboGrafx-16 (Wii Virtual Console)

PlayStation 2 memory card browser

DDRMAX for PlayStation 2 (Hardware)

Castlevania Chronicles for PlayStation (PlayStation 2) & Technic Beat for PlayStation 2 (Hardware)

Pop'n Music 8 for PlayStation 2 (Hardware)

Pop'n Music 9 for PlayStation 2 (Hardware)

Pop'n Taisen Puzzle Dama Online for PlayStation 2 (Hardware)

beatmania IIDX 16 EMPRESS for PlayStation 2 (Hardware)

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